Committee Topics and Research Reports

With the expansion of AISMUN XI, we welcome the addition of new committees Environment Commission and the European Union! 

General Assembly

  • Addressing the impact of rising sea levels on Non-Self-Governing Territories 

  • Addressing the issue of violence and xenophobia in response to increased transnational migration of displaced persons

  • Peaceful settlement of the India-China border dispute in the Sikkim Donglang region

Disarmament Commission

  • Addressing the question of the proliferation of nuclear power and nuclear materials

  • Avoiding civil conflict and promoting democratic transition in North Africa

  • Addressing the illicit trade of small arms and light weapons in Africa and the Middle East

Human Rights Council

  • Addressing the ethics and monitoring the development of human enhancement through genetic engineering and biotechnology 

  • Addressing the issue of Modern Slavery in Mauritania 

  • Regulating security and human rights in Africa’s Great Lake Region

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Economic and Social Council

  • ​Building pathways towards a clean energy transition and addressing their socio-economic implications 

  • Addressing the question of the privatization of water in South America

  • Addressing the political and economic causes and consequences of “demographic greying” in Economically Developed Countries 

Special Conference

  • Addressing the threat and regulating the conduct of cyber warfare and cyberterrorism

  • Regulating surveillance technology to prevent further erosion of personal privacy

  • Mitigating the consequences of job loss resulting from automation

Historical Security Council

  • The Situation of the Suez Canal Crisis

  • Addressing the Aftermath of the Second Sino Japanese War

Security Council

  • The situation in Ukraine

  • The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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