Emily Kwok
To all directors, student officers and delegates — Welcome to AISMUN XI! My name is Emily Kwok and I am extremely honored to be serving as this year's Secretary-General alongside Edwina Sze. As apart of the graduating class of 2020, MUN has been apart of the beginning of my high school life for the past five years. Since AISMUN VI, I have participated as a delegate, chair and as one of the Deputy Secretary Generals last year. Throughout these past five years, I have broadened my knowledge of current world affairs, met so many new friends but what brings me the most joy is seeing a conference that the organising team has been working on for almost a year come together. I am confident that AISMUN XI will be a memorable one for us all, please enjoy the conference and I encourage first-time delegates to push themselves out of their comfort zone this year and get on that podium! Thank you.
Edwina Sze 

Hi everyone! I'm Edwina Sze and I am honoured and humbled to be able to serve as the Secretary-General of AISMUNXI 2020 alongside Emily Kwok. With AISMUN being the first conference I ever attended in 2015, I am thrilled and invigorated to be able to help organise the conference that initially sparked my interest in global issues and MUN as a whole. Despite attending both local and international conferences, I look forward to the return of AISMUN each year as my passion for MUN continues to grow.


I am excited to watch delegates engage in fruitful debate and continue to exercise and improve their skills, guided by the capable student officers. I hope everyone comes to AISMUNXI eager to debate and leave with new friends and memorable experiences.


I look forward to meeting you all in May!


Richard Leowe​
Esteemed delegates, chairs, directors, and guests, my name is Richard Leow and I am honoured to be serving as your Deputy Secretary-General for AISMUN XI. This will be my third year participating in MUN, which has been a large part of my secondary school life. Over the past few years, Model United Nations has made me take a deeper and more thoughtful look into the issues that affect our modern society and how we face the challenges that present themselves. I hope to make AISMUN XI an enjoyable and memorable conference, and I look forward to meeting you all in 2020! 
Cindy Liang 
Hi everyone! My name is Cindy Liang and I am honoured to be serving as one of your Deputy Secretary-Generals for AISMUN XI. Over the course of the past 3 years, I have had the privilege of attending both local as well as oversea conferences. During this time, MUN has really grown on me as there is so much to learn and take away from each conference; not only did I learn more about myself as an individual, but I’ve also made many worthwhile and cherished memories. I will be looking forward to meeting each and every one of you during the conference, and hope you all enjoy a gratifying and meaningful AISMUN X.
Luke Briscoe 

Distinguished directors, student officers, delegates and guests,


Welcome to AISMUN XI! My name is Luke Briscoe and it is my absolute honour to serve as you deputy secretary general for the eleventh annual session of this conference. Through my three years of AISMUN I have had the pleasure of seeing the conference grow immensely through the efforts made by the past secretariat, student officers, admin staff, directors and most importantly the delegates. AISMUN for me has been a hub to help foster my passion and drive for MUN along with forging friendships along the way, I hope in AISMUN XI it can do the same for all of you. We are excited to see and meet everyone participating in May next year!

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